Help Raise $15,000 for Talon's Service Dog, Hero!

Talon Zuelsdorf is a 4 year old little boy that has been diagnosed with Autism, Type 1 Diabetes (a life long autoimmune disease), Asthma and Eye Strabismus. We are raising money to provide Talon with a service dog, which he has aptly named Hero.

So Far We've Raised $12,885 of our $15,000 Goal!


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What Will Hero Do for Talon?

A Diabetic Alert Dog is a dog that is extensively trained to detect low and high blood sugar levels.They are also trained to detect rapidly rising or rapidly dropping blood sugar levels. Hero will help to alert Talon and his Parents to any fluctuations which will really help them during their struggles with his Autism. They go through a rigorous training program and are required to pass numerous tests to become service dogs. These dogs are trained to detect a specific scent given off by humans when their blood sugar drops or raises. They are trained with certain techniques on how to alert their owner of these changes as well as have the ability to retrieve a treatment and bring it to them, such as a juice box or glucose tablets.

These dogs are life savers and will be able to alert Talon and his parents when he is not in a safe range keeping Talon from going into a seizure, coma or even worse, death. There are a large number of people who are able to notice signs their body are giving them when they are too low or high, however Talon, like 1 in 20 others, as well as his parents, are not able to tell. His body language, behavior and daily living never change. In cases like this, a diabetic alert dog will save a child's life!

All proceeds collected from this website go directly to Talon's Parents, Anthony and Samantha. Click here for contact information.